Non NHS Services


We undertake the following by arrangement.

  • Elderly drivers
  • Pre-Employment
  • HGV/Taxi Licence
  • Sports fitness
  • Fitness to travel medicals
  • Paternity testing (mouth swabs and blood test)
  • Travel immunisations
  • Completion of insurance forms for claims after injury or illness

All requests for letters, insurance forms should be submitted 2 weeks in advance to allow the doctor time to complete and sign. Fees are payable for all the above work. Details of current fees are listed below.


Certificates / Forms / Letters

Freedom from Infection                                                £30

Drivers Licence Form / Photograph                             £30                                      

Shotgun Licence Form                                                 £100

TWIMC Letter                                                               £30

Letter to Gym                                                               £30

Letter to School / Employer                                         £30

Medical Examinations / Reports

HGV / PSV / Taxi / DVLA                                                £115

Elderly Fitness to Drive Certificate                               £30

Seatbelt Exemption                                                        £30

Extract from Records                                                     £30

Pro-Forma Reports for Occ Health (no exam)           £85

Comprehensive Report (and exam)                             £130

Power of Attorney / Capacity Assessment (per hour)   £250-£300

Adoption / Fostering Medical                                       £100

Private Patients

Private Sick Note                                                            £30

Private Prescription                                                        £10


Holiday Cancellation                                                    £30

Fitness to travel / fly (must have GP appt)                  £30

Proof of Vaccination Certificate                                    £20

Non-NHS Vaccinations (Rabies, Men C)                      £160 per course

Any Travel Certificates (e.g. Skydive)                           £40

Letters to carry Medication                                            £20


POA per witness signature                                             £40

Please be aware that we have up to 28 days to complete your request.